Story structure with help from Pixar movies…  

Bestselling author and creative writing teacher, Julie Cohen, will tell us all how to structure a story to engage readers from the first page and keep them with you until the very end.

Taking from popular Pixar films like 'Up' and 'Finding Nemo', she reveals what these films can teach us about three-act structure, narrative economy, motifs, emotional arcs, plot and subplot. Follow her @Julie_Cohen and check out her website for more about her writing and latest novels.

Networking Buffet Lunch
The agents’ secrets: a panel of top agents tell you the stories behind some of their most successful books – and share what they’re looking for now.

David Headley - DHH Literary Agency; Louise Burns - Andrew Mann Associates; Camilla Wray – Darley Anderson, Rebecca Carter – Janklow & Nesbit give their insider information about writing, publishing and much more.

Publisher/agent one to ones: Our publishing insiders will hear your pitch and offer you advice in individual 10-minute consultations

David Headley - DHH Literary Agency; Vicky Salter - Barbara Levy Agency; Louise Burns - Andrew Mann Associates; Camilla Wray – Darley Anderson

Rebecca Carter – Janklow & Nesbit; Peta Nightingale – Bookouture; Matthew Smith - Urbane Publishing; Xander Cansell - Unbound  

From Brontë country to the Brooklyn Bridge: turn your setting into star quality with Rowan Coleman

Fresh from researching her latest stories in New York and Bronte country, Richard & Judy author Rowan Coleman explores how setting can add star quality to your story. Rowan’s written twelve novels, including We Are All Made of Stars, and The Memory Book, which was chosen as a Richard and Judy book club selection in 2014. She also teaches at Faber Academy.

Panel: The Author’s Guide to Alternative Publishing

Are traditional publishers too set in their ways, are readers and writers losing out as a result? And how can authors capitalise on the new and innovative kids on the block? Xander Cansell (Head of Digital at Unbound Publishing), Matthew Smith (founder of Urbane) and Peta Nightingale (Head of Talent at Bookouture) discuss new ways of getting your book to readers, with crowd-funded author Erinna Mettler (Fifteen Minutes - Unbound).

Option B: The story of your life: autobiography & memoir writing

Telling the stories that only you can tell. In a practical and fast-paced workshop on memoir and life writing, Bridget Whelan will show you:

•          How to bring clarity to fuzzy memories

•          ways of approaching truth, veracity and worried family members

•          techniques to make real life events evocative and powerful

 Bridget Whelan is a published novelist, prize-winning short story writer and creative writing tutor with over 10 years’ experience. Plus agent Vicky Salter gives her view on the market for life-writing.

Option B: Write what YOU know: turn your knowledge into a non-fiction book 

Bestselling non-fiction author and novelist Kate Harrison shares three steps to creating a non-fiction book proposal. Your knowledge and your view of the world is unique: in this session, you’ll look at how you can use your skills and outlook to help people, share what you know and get published. Plus, one of our agent panel gives his/her view on the non-fiction market.


Option A: Spit and Polish: Editing your book

David Headley of DHH Literary Agency and novelist Laura Wilkinson, author & mentor, explore the art of refining your work into memorable fiction which agents and editors want to sign. David and Laura will cover a range of techniques and tips to help you and are on hand to answer your questions.

Option A:  Making crime pay 

Join Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett, retired and turned best-selling true crime author (Death Comes Knocking) and P.D. Viner (Last Winter of Dani Lancing) as they look at the ugliest things humans do to each other, explore how to write about death, darkness & deceit and shine a light on why crime outsells every other genre.


Plus, an agent adds her insight into publishing’s obsession with crime.

​Keynote: The script’s the thing: reaching millions with your words on TV & Radio


The brilliant writer behind countless TV & Radio drama and comedies, Sue Teddern, talks scriptwriting … from creating strong SFX and stand-out visuals to knowing the market and crafting your single play or series. Sue Teddern has extensively written for TV & Radio (Homefront, ITV; Cooking in a Bedsitter, Radio 4) and is also the author of the indispensable Writing for TV and Radio, Bloomsbury) @sueteddern 


write by the beach

MARCH 17 2018


What we did at our last conference....

Academy Alternatives: choose between two great sessions:

Academy Alternatives: choose between two great sessions:

Sunday 2 April

We're working on the programme for the 3rd Write by the Beach conference right now. There will be talks, workshops,



 Every person attending will be allocated a one-to-one pitch session with an industry insider - a top literary agent or publisher 



We’re creating the event by choosing our favourite authors and writing experts, across all genres: we think it's invaluable to learn from different parts of the creative writing world.


More information coming very soon


See venue information and travel details


Keynote: the rollercoaster ride to the Sunday Times bestseller list Cally Taylor


Sunday Times bestselling thriller author CL Taylor reveals her rollercoaster publishing journey from short stories and women’s fiction to a movie and her hugely successful thrillers, and explains how you can use rejection to spur you on to achieving your writing dreams.

Networking Buffet Lunch
The agent’s secrets speak about… the perfect author and how to be one…

Four of our top agents share the stories of how their authors have gone from slush pile to book deal, and explain how they can work with an author to build a career.


From picture books to teen tales and best-selling serials for adults: the story’s the thing 

Author Tamsyn Murray (aka Holly Hepburn) offers her tips on story and style – learned from writing award-winning YA, picture books and serials for Simon & Schuster

Publisher/agent one to ones: Our publishing insiders will hear your pitch and offer you advice in individual 10-minute consultations.

David Headley – DHH; Gaia Banks - Sheil Land Agency; Jemima Forrester – David Higham Associates; Jo Unwin – Jo Unwin Literary Agency;

Matthew Smith - Urbane Publishing; Candida Lacey - Myriad Editions; Ros Ward - Scripts (BBC Writersroom)  

Panel: script to screen or air – turning your ideas into broadcasting heaven

INT. DAY – DESK. Producer Karen Rose (Sweet Talk), writer Pete Lawson (EastEnders) and writer/development executive Ros Ward (BBC writersoom) ‘create compelling dialogue’ with Sue Teddern and compare notes on the business of writing for TV and radio.

Structured Panel: Get your script on air: Sue Teddern, Pete Lawson, Ros Ward, Karen Rose give their perspectives on what makes a script leap off the page


Free Agents: do you have what it takes to be a successful indie author?

Indie authors are beating the mainstream publishers at their own game – whether they’re going it alone, or working with the increasing numbers of boutique and collaborative publishing enterprises. In this session, bestselling ‘hybrid’ author Sarah Rayner explores what she’s learned after hitting the charts with her novels, then publishing her Making Friends with… series of self-help books as an indie – while Matthew Smith of Urbane Publications talks about how his company works with authors to launch books and new voices across the genres. Join the conversation.

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Partners in crime

Join bestselling crime writer Elizabeth Haynes and MD of Myriad Editions, Candida Lacey, to discuss their publishing history together.  Elizabeth's first novel was published by Myriad, she then moved to Penguin for the next two and is back again with Myriad for her latest.  Find out what a small independent, Brighton based publisher has got that a multi-national can't offer. Hosted by Araminta Hall.