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In a world obsessed with celebrity culture do the best stories belong to ordinary people?

FIFTEEN MINUTES - a new short story collection by Erinna Mettler

15 Minutes by Erinna Mettler

A tramp wanders through New York on the day John Lennon is shot; a doctor remembers a Muhammad Ali fight from his childhood; a mother’s Harry Potter obsession follows the death of her child.

Author Erinna Mettler

The author is Erinna Mettler, a founder member of Beach Hut Writing Academy and Director of Brighton Prize, the international short story competition. Her first novel Starlings was published in 2011. Intentionally or not, celebrities past, present and future assert their influence over the lives of us all. Addressing this very modern phenomenon, these stories offer an unflinchingly honest and thought-provoking picture of the world in which we live. Fifteen Minutes ,published by Unbound, is a short story collection about fame, presented through the extraordinary eyes of unabashedly ordinary characters. ‘Like those great storytellers Alice Munro and Elizabeth Strout, Erinna Mettler treads a fine line - empathising with her characters and revealing their flaws without ever succumbing to sentiment – and delivers a richly rewarding read.’ Sarah Rayner (author of One Moment, One Morning) ‘Mettler’s stories are delightful journeys, the kind where you don't arrive at the place you imagined, but always somewhere stranger and more magical.’ William Shaw (author The Birdwatcher and the Breen & Tozer Trilogy)

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