Mentoring & editing for short fiction writers, novelists, scriptwriters & non-fiction authors. 

Mentoring is a fantastic way to make rapid progress with your writing projects - while editing is an essential part of improving your work and preparing for submission to agents, or self-publishing.


At the Beach Hut Writing Academy we have professional authors and scriptwriters with great track records in helping people with their creative work. We're constructive and rigorous, to help you achieve the best possible work.


We can help you:

  • Generate and explore new ideas and new genres;

  • Develop your writing style and themes;

  • Learn healthy and productive writing habits & how to deal with self-doubt.


Our services include:

  • Structural editing of short stories, novels, TV & Radio scripts & non-fiction books;

  • Line-editing further drafts to perfect your style and voice;

  • Critique and manuscript assessments to help you prepare for publication or submitting your work to agents;

  • Working to prepare a pitch, synopsis and submission letter to make agents and editors take notice.

The genres and areas we can help with:

  • Literary and 'book club' fiction

  • Thrillers, crime and suspense novels

  • Women's fiction

  • Historical fiction

  • TV drama and comedy

  • Radio drama and comedy

  • Children's and Young Adult novels

  • Non-fiction projects

Want us to help you?

Email us with a few lines about the kind of help you're looking for, and we'll get back in touch asap. 

Meet Our Mentors

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Kate's 16 published books include The Secret Shopper's Revenge, 5:2 Diet Book & Soul Beach teen thrillers. She's also scripted TV documentaries & drama-docs, written for magazines, and reported on BBC TV & radio.

Kate Harrison
Fiction & non-fiction author
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Araminta has published two novels, the first of which, Everything & Nothing, was a Richard and Judy read. She also teaches creative writing and works as an editor. 

Araminta Hall
Author, tutor & editor
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Sue Teddern
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Laura Wilkinson
Fiction author & editor
Bridget Whelan
Author & tutor
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Erinna has written a novel, Starlings, and countless short stories. She is a Director of The Brighton Prize and spoken word group Rattle Tales.

Erinna Mettler
Fiction/short stories

Sue's credits include Birds of a Feather (BBC1), Homefront (ITV), five series  of and The Charm Factory (Radio 4). She is co-author of Writing for TV & Radio: A Writers' & Artists' Companion.

Laura's published 5 novels (2 under a pseudonym). She works as an editor and mentor, and has seen authors through to competition shortlistings and publication.

A prize winning short story writer, Bridget has taught on university courses and in adult education. She has also published a novel and a popular guide to creative writing.

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We have more than a dozen professional writers who're able to help across a range of genres and forms - but you can meet our core team members below.